Tuesday, May 9, 2017,


Both the man in the painting’s foreground and the diegetic painter in its background have their backs to the spectator. With some strain, the painter is turned toward the foreground figure, observing him in order to add the final touch to a canvas on which we see a representational rendition of his model also from the back! Although a straight line can be traced from the painter in the background to the figure in the foreground to the spectator, the two 180° over-turns undergone by the foreground figure, one away from the spectator he was facing and one away from the painter doing his portrait in the background, do not add up to 360° or cancel out, do not return him to his starting position: a labyrinthine circle.

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March 24 — June 4, 2017

Eyes in the Back of Your Head

To have “Eyes in the Back of Your Head” is to know everything that is happening around you, thus transcending the physical restrictions of the human perspective. For her first solo exhibition in a German institution, Bianca Baldi will present a textile installation at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, which creates a seemingly floating labyrinth, as well as sculptures and a new video work.

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