KVHBF Showcases

Showcase presentation on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Hamburg-Harburg train station.

May 12 — May 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM

On May 1, 1897, today's Hamburg-Harburg station opened as the main station of the then independent city of Harburg. The building, designed by the architect Hubert Stier (1838 - 1907), is a pure brick structure characterized by classicist elements in the style of the Renaissance and Gothic.
On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the station this year, the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof is showing a small presentation of historical photographs and views of the building in the showcases on platform 3/4. At the same time, we present the winners of our photo competition for the station's anniversary. Hamburg students were invited to take their cameras on a tour of today's station building and its surroundings. A jury consisting of the artist Volker Renner and the team of the Kunstverein selected the best photos. These are juxtaposed with the historical footage, creating a dialogue between today and yesterday. First place went to Maximilian Gintarra from the Berufliche Schule Hamburg-Harburg (BS 18) with a precise architectural study. Second place went to Jette Jennrich from the 5th grade at Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium, who impressed with an atmospheric photo series. Third place was shared by Ada Weber from the 6th grade at the Rudolf Steiner School in Harburg, Saskia Tauchert from the Berufliche Schule Hamburg-Harburg and Fiona Keziah Beese from the 11th grade at the Gymnasium Altona. We congratulate all winners!

Photo: Winning picture by Maximilian Gintarra, 2022

Many thanks to the lenders:

Joachim Bügel (Archiv Eisenbahnstiftung)
Thomas Edelmann
Historical postcards: Collection Rainer Kolbe
Hamburg State Archives
Harburg City Museum
Holger Stumpf
Benno Wiesmüller
Jens Wunderlich (www.hamburg-bildarchiv.de)