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Dialogue 2:
See U th3re
Helena Müller & Young Valley Soil

November 14 at 6:00 PM — November 29, 2020

Helena Müller & Young Valley Soil 

Dialogue Two takes place between the artist Helena Müller and the Young Valley Soil collective (Elina Saalfeld, Elisa Nessler, Francisca Markus, and Cristina Rüesch).
While the Young Valley Soil collective asks us to form an “O” with our mouths, Helena Müller invites us on a steam tour after sunset. In their showcase exhibitions, the artists enter into a dialogue about processes of visualization: of gender stereotypes, coded meanings, and the coincidental permanence of interpersonal encounters or of alliances with one another. The glass panes of the showcases are of special importance here: the artists resist their spatial limitations, using both their interior and their exterior. They expand them audibly, but also performatively, as mediators of revealing and concealing. This is a beginning.

Founded in 2018, Young Valley Soil is made up of Elina Saalfeld, Elisa Nessler, Francisca Markus, and Cristina Rüesch. The collective takes an interdisciplinary approach, working with phenomena from everyday life and pop culture, mysticism and interpersonal relationships. The four artists meet at the intersections of different media, which are constantly being explored in new ways through their collective collaboration. Part of this consists of participative investigations in public space that reveal and challenge power imbalances.

The works of Helena Müller (born 1995, lives and works in Hamburg) are developed out of an interest in everyday objects that have been charged with individual stories, memories, and meanings. In her sculptural works, the familiar is altered through small interventions and contextual shifts until it is located in an intangible in-between— the moment when the familiar threatens to tip over into something sinister. It is at this threshold that her objects begin to speak without language.

The German singer Lolita performs her song “Seemann (deine Heimat ist das Meer)” (Sailor (Your Home is the Sea); 1960) in front of a harbor backdrop. 

Turntable with Staffordshire dog figurine, also known as a fireplace dog or hearth spaniel, made by the Beswick company, imported from England by an East Friesian sailor
Cooking pots on hot plates
Glass bricks

Friedship: Inga Barth, Mona Hermann, Pauline Jacob und Lisa Florentine Schmalz

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