KVHBF Showcases

Anne Pflug: Ankunft/Arrival

September 4 — October 4, 2020

Saturday, September 5th, 2020, 4 pm
Performance at 5 pm

Anne Pflug traveled from Harburg to Travemünde and back with a piece of silk and on her way caught and noted the fragmentary impressions and snippets of speech of the other travelers: They testify to longings for places and people, to proximity and distance. Inscribed in the material of the silk is the destination of her journey, the Travemünde beach or more precisely the sea, the salt of which has changed the material. The silk arrives in the KVHBF showcases with a performance on September 5th at 5 pm
Anne Pflug regularly works with silk installations on presence and absence and longing by staging their fleeting presence. In her ritual performances she finds sculptural uses for sound by working with spontaneously and site-specifically summoned choirs.

An exhibition in the series "Other Site"

with Lorenz Goldstein   29 Feb – 19 Apr 2020
Darja Shatalova            01 Aug – 30 Aug 2020
Anne Pflug                    04 Sep – 04 Oct 2020

For the artists of “Other Site” the spatial limitation of the exhibition situation serves as a challenge and at the same time as an opportunity to produce art. The pilot project "Other Site" started as a four-week exhibition series in June 2018 in a showcase in the window of the HFBK Hamburg gallery, based on a concept by Anne Pflug, Hanna Schönhof and Darja Shatalova.