KVHBF Showcases

Alexandra Grieß & Patrick Will: highway=footway; layer 1

May 30 — June 28, 2020
“The TRACKERS scan and sweep cities and outdoor spaces, finding evidence that paths and green spaces and squares and streets exist and yet are limited. Every second thousands of points are generated that are used by the EDITORS as reference points for a map. The points created during the field research stage are eventually filtered out and hidden. Experience shows that POINT CLOUDS lead to confusion and disorientation.”

Differing approaches to (public) space and the various reasons for mapping it form the starting point for Alexandra Grieß and Patrick Will’s project for the KVHBF Vitrines. Lines of movement, coincidences, and experiences are transferred into sensory, abstract images depicting the paths and traces of human presence in the city. However, they also provide opportunities for intervention as well as an invitation to walk through this space on specific sensory or needs-based paths.

"highway=footway; layer 1" is part of a larger project by the two artists that is devoted to the exploration and visualization of places and artistic positions in the city. As an alternative system of navigating and interacting with the environment, artists are invited to make their works both virtually and physically accessible at specific geographical points, thus entering into a discourse with public, social, and urban space. The relationship between real and virtual space and how this determines orientation or disorientation is central to the project and raises questions about the conditions under which space is used.

In addition to joint and individual works by Alexandra Grieß and Patrick Will, a collaboration between Jorel Heid and Alexandra Grieß (heidundgriess) will also be on display in the KVHBF Vitrines.