KVHBF Showcases

Lorenz Goldstein: Go Local

February 29 — April 19, 2020

Lorenz Goldstein deals with communication processes in the digital space. Whether social networks, online appearances on the housing market or evaluation platforms, his work is about self-images and illusions and the exploitability of algorithmic structures. Conceptually, Goldstein submits himself to logics alien to art in order to inquire about their meaning and effects within artistic logic. Who uses certain digital spaces and for what reasons? What identities are developed there? Or in the case of the train station: what kind of place is this actually?
Lorenz Goldstein is studying in the Time-based Media department of HFBK Hamburg with Michaela Melián.

Part of the exhibition series “Other Site”
February 29 - August 9
with Lorenz Goldstein   29 Feb – 19 Apr 2020
Darja Shatalova            25 Apr – 14 Jun 2020
Anne Pflug                    20 Jun – 9 Aug 2020

For the artists of “Other Site” the spatial limitation of the exhibition situation serves as a challenge and at the same time as an opportunity to produce art. The pilot project "Other Site" started as a four-week exhibition series in June 2018 in a showcase in the window of the HFBK Hamburg gallery, based on a concept by Anne Pflug, Hanna Schönhof and Darja Shatalova.