Podcast 3: Feminism
Federica Bueti & Karolin Meunier

December 4 — December 20, 2020

Feminism: Federica Bueti & Karolin Meunier
(in english language)

The third episode of the podcast reflects on feminism in dialogue with a work by Italian writer Carla Lonzi. Karolin Meunier and Federica Bueti began their conversation on Lonzi some years ago, when Federica was still in the process of researching Lonzi's writing, and Karolin had just begun working on her translation-project: a series of conversations with different people around Lonzi's Vai pure (Milan 1980). Since then, they have met irregularly to read, translate, discuss together parts of this dialogue between Lonzi and her partner, the artist Pietro Consagra.

Federica Bueti writes, edits, teaches and occasionally curates research-exhibitions. Her research focuses on the study of feminist poetics and theories and practices of refusal and decolonial hope. She was the editor-in-chief of …ment, a journal for contemporary culture, art and politics, which ran between 2011 and 2015. In 2019, she co-curated the research-project Ecologies of Darkness. Building Ground on Shifting Sand dedicated to an investigation of decolonial feminist politics and poetics, at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, 2018-2019. In her doctoral dissertation, Poetics of Negation, Bueti reads the work and life of Italian feminist Carla Lonzi as a creative gesture of refusal of given identities; and as a practice of disidentification with the status quo of culture that calls for a different inhabitation of woman's subjectivities.

Karolin Meunier is an artist and writer based in Berlin. Her performance, text and video works observe cultural techniques such as translation processes, conversations, and learning methods. With her practice she addresses mediatised forms of communication in public and private spaces. She is a member of the collective book shop and publishing house b_books in Berlin and was part of the working group of Cinenova, a feminist film and video distributor in London from 2009-19. She co-organised the event, seminar and publication Periods of Non-Productivity - Performance and Education in 2018/19 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in cooperation with the art project Der Fahrende Raum. Her book A Commentary on "Vai pure" by Carla Lonzi is forthcoming in 2021.

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