wir sind wieder wer (we're are somebody again)
Group exhibition

April 14 — May 6, 2007

In the exhibition architecture developed by Tatjana Sarah Greiner, everything revolves around the works that are for sale. Paintings, sculptures, collages and photographs in various formats are hung in a labyrinth of display panels. Such panels are normally used where there is not enough wall space and it is necessary to create some temporary space.

Having one’s works exhibited on display panels is generally regarded by the artist as the »the most ignorant and humiliating exploitation of art«, since it shows a complete disregard for the context in which the work should be viewed and can therefore justifiably be seen as demonstrating a lack of respect. In this exhibition, however, the display panels are far more than just mobile wall space. By turning the room in the Kunstverein into a kind of labyrinth, they set out to make exaggerated and excessive use of a display architecture originally designed to be merely functional.

In its choice of artists, the exhibition »we’re somebody again« focuses neither on promoting the participating artists with a view to their marketability, nor on any formal link between the works. In fact the artists have nothing in common but the social factor of friendship with Tatjana Sarah Greiner, who invited them – a certain degree of closeness.

»We’re somebody again«, as a statement and as an architectural setting, is explicitly and above all an ironical appropriation of the conditions of the art market. Individually, in this exhibition fifteen interesting artistic positions are presented. Taken as a whole, the exhibition forms an image representing the protest against the ignorance, symbolized by the display panels, shown towards artistic work and its creators, and the wish to assert the social element – the bond between the artists – as their real strength.