Michaela Melián:
Chant du Nix

Friday, November 6, 2020


"Chant du Nix" combines different levels of space and time to create a technical and sensual structure. In the performances with Elen Harutyunyan (viola) and Ruth May (violine) and Michaela Melián, the combined wave movement of the concerting spatial installation expands once again. The concert experience and the loudspeaker experience, the original melodies and their simplified adaptations in the recognition meldodies of the radio change, update and form a collective, cultural memory. 

Postponed Performances:
originally: Friday, 6. November / 7 pm
originally: Sunday, 8. November / 5 pm

Michaela Melián (born 1956, based in Hamburg and Munich) combines visual art, music, and pop culture in her works, producing both for classical exhibition spaces and for radio space as public space. "Chant du Nix" is a concertante spatial installation for a loudspeaker audience.

Via prepared public address loudspeakers typically used in places like e.g. railway stations, the sounds and voices contained in her audio tracks wander through the (Kunstverein’s) space, setting it and the loudspeaker audience in motion. The early days of radio in the Weimar Republic and the resulting separation into serious and light music, the development of various signature musical themes based on well-known original melodies, and the accompanying – and still current – media debates form the basis for the installation-based listening and discursive space developed by Melián in "Chant du Nix".

More information about the exhibition you can find HERE.