should we get lunch, I want to burn this place down

September 26 — October 4, 2020

Exhibition within the exhibition with:
Verena Hahn, Anna-Lisa Högler, Lilli Thießen, Angharad Williams, Robert Brambora, Frieder Haller, Jonas Justen, Simon Mielke, Maximilian Schneider, Alexander Schöpfel, Niklas Taleb

Opening: Friday, 25 September 2020, 7 pm

For the last week of Phung-Tien Phan's exhibition “Café Chardonnay – alles nehmen” at the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, her solo exhibition is transformed into the group exhibition “Should we get lunch, I want to burn this place down”. The artist has invited eleven other artists to show their work. For this, some of Phan's works leave the exhibition, while others remain in the new context.

The focus is still on the question of the place one wants to occupy in one's own life as well as a youthful attitude of search, frustration, aggression and emotionality. In a dramatic setting, the darkened windows of the exhibition space are replaced by window pictures by Simon Mielke. Views of dramatic sunsets open up from empty living spaces and contrast the banality of the interior. In general, this relationship between different realities and longings plays a major role: working nine to five, being a normy and then on the weekend: rave. Or prep like in Verena Hahn's documentary. In Gender Identities (Lilli Thießen), the spatial and subjective interior (Frieder Haller) as well as in intimacies (Robert Brambora), this oppressive narrowness of realities is evident.

While Phan's exhibition was perhaps a kind of symbolic middle course par excellence, it now shows above all the balance between normality and brutality and a swing between extreme demands in an affect-seeking society.