Five in Fives #5: Train of Thoughts

October 23 at 7:00 PM — October 27, 2019

24. - 27. October 2019

Five in Fives #5: Train of Thoughts

Magdalena Los and Ohio-Magazin #16 (Uschi Huber & Jörg Paul Janka)

Opening 23 October, 7pm

With psychedelic drawings by the artist and steam train driver Magdalena Los and a video by Uschi Huber and Jörg Paul Janka for Ohio Magazine, Train of Thoughts leaves the station and dives into a world of small things and associations - "Vereine". In a Kunstverein things come together and get deinstalled at the end of each show, a repeating process that finds an equivalent in Ohio's video "Kabel ist Kupfer, Schienen sind Messing" and that will give space to the next 20 years at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof!

Magdalena Los (*1987 in Jestrzebie- Zdrój) works with painting and drawing. She studied at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg with Jutta Koether and Astrid Mania. She has exhibited her works at Kunsthaus, Hamburg (2018); Chez Malik’s Hamburg (2014/2016); Goldsmith’s College, London (2015). She lives and works in Hamburg and Cologne.

Ohio Photomagazine, first published in 1995 (then co-founded by Hans-Peter Feldmann and Stefan Schneider) is an art-project in magazine form, a mobile exhibition space for photographic and video imagery. The joint editors / publishers are Uschi Huber and Jörg Paul Janka, two artists from Cologne and Düsseldorf. Ohio publishes images in both print and video format (DVD), or in form of loose photographs in a box.
The magazine focuses on the reproductive and everyday character of photography and deals entirely with already existing images.The two editors select and recombine the photo and video material they extensively research or sometimes discover on the way. Without any commenting texts Ohio presents images from very diverse sources and doesn’t differentiate between ‘genres’. There is a very strong emphasis on non-artistic imagery, photos and footages are often derived from private or public archives, the Internet, scientific institutions, etc. By presenting the images in a new context Ohio challenges the conditions of their interpretation and reception and aims to open up new dimensions of meaning and aesthetics.

Ohio is published irregularly. www.ohiomagazine.de