January 1 — January 31, 2011

Un Ilot 


Referring to the aesthetics of surveillance and the tourist´s gaze, the camera follows individual passers-by at a Parisian traffic island. When they notice that the camera is focused on them, they return or refuse to respond to the strange, illegitimately intimate tracking of the camera. The moment of shock of being ascertained, which is partly taken humourously, partly seriously or anxiously, illustrates the power of the camera's eye, that forges behaviour as well as the run of events.
Stopped to still images, the fleeting moments of recognition illuminate the faces of the anonymous.

DV, 4:3, Farbe
Video: Jana Papenbroock

From january 2011 there's also another video by Jana Papenbroock on the new CHANNEL of the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof online on: Arte-Creative

My Mystical Self

»My Mystical Self« is a found footage video installation consisting of digital self-portraits. The omnipresence of self-monitoring, social performance and staged soliloquy illustrates the internalized public prospect, which is represented by the camera's eye. In a confessional manner, the private body is inspected, measured, commented on and exhibited to the eyes of an anonymous audience.
The gaze on the self is deflected by the camera and mirror so that eventually the subject looks itself in the eyes as a stranger to itself, like in a schizoid soliloquy.
This narcissistic autism becomes particularly evident in the image of the subject kissing it´s own reflection. Sexual attraction is less and less correlated to the other and evermore directed to a reproduced image of an idealised and disowned self.

a video by Jana Papenbroock
DV, Colour, 4:3, 7:27min, Audio: Scott Cazan