Pablo Schlumberger & Mitko Mitkov: Ciao a PUTTI, Buona Sera ABYSSAL

March 18 at 8:00 PM — March 18, 2020 at 11:59 PM


Over the course of an evening, the drunken figures of BAR PUTTI sink into a bottomless swimming pool. Pablo Schlumberger and Mitko Mitkov shake hands. With this handshake, the meeting place of the Kunstverein is being transformed: BAR PUTTI says goodbye and the ABYSSAL is born, a matter of the BAD BOY JESUS ​​CITY SWIMMERS CLUB.

BAR PUTTI, the wet and wicked station pub by Pablo Schlumberger (*1990, lives in Cologne), accompanied the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof throughout 2019. At the invitation of the Kunstverein, a new space is being created for 2020, the ABYSSAL under the direction of Mitko Mitkov, or the BAD BOY JESUS ​​CITY SWIMMERS CLUB.

Mitko Mitkov (*1989, lives in Hamburg) acts in different roles - as curator, caretaker service, editor of a magazine, graphic designer, publisher and founder of an association - which together outline his artistic practice. It is mostly collaborative and describes fluid spaces of the social. Realism and longing, social criticism and everyday life, seriousness and joy in coming together go hand in hand here. The BAD BOY JESUS ​​CITY SWIMMERS CLUB, his last project, is an association in which everyone - swimmers and non-swimmers alike - can become a member free of charge. It consists of a mailing list that sends out invitations to swim together as well as readers or playlists on the (broad) topic that functions as a metaphor. The BAD BOY JESUS ​​CITY SWIMMERS CLUB also realizes events and with the ABYSSAL - the bottomless depth of the ocean - it creates a club home for its diverse activities within the Kunstverein (which is a club itself).