Let's celebrate 20 Years Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof!

Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 2:00 PM

A warm invitation to our anniversary celebrations on 2 november
with special program!

2 - 5pm | Eton Fives Tournament
+ presentation of new T-Shirt Edition: Fion Pellacini with AddLabel
+ Gambling for Stamps by Magdalena Los & Pablo Schlumberger
+ coffee and cake at Bar Putti
Eton Fives is a ball game invented in the 19th century at the outer wall of the Eton College chapel. It is a ball game that is played against the wall with the bare hand within an asymmetrically angled architecture. The sculptural reproduction of an Eton Fives Court by Fion Pellacini is part of the exhibition Hi Ventilation and is Germany's only such sports court. After hosting the series of exhibitions Five in Fives the court will reach it's sportive climax during an Eton Fives tournament, uniting Hamburg players with sportsmen and women specially arriving from the UK, therefore ending the one week workshop held in the exhibition by former fives coach Curt Schmitt and the current Worldchampion Seb Cooley, unbeaten since 9 years.
We are also happy to release a new Eton Fives T-Shirt Edition by Fion Pellacini in collaboration with Hamburg-based fashion label AddLabel.
During the tournament you can bet on the teams to increase the amount of stamps in your 2019 fidelity card by Magdalena Los & Pablo Schlumberger to increase your chances for greats prizes: Ranging from a free drink to a full year membership and a "consolation prize": A handkerchief edition by the two artists.
5.30 - 6.30 pm | artist talk: Eli Sudbrack (assume vivid astro focus, São Paulo) in conversation with Chloe Stead (editor, critic, Berlin)
in English
For our exhibition Hi Ventilation, the artist platform assume vivid astro focus (avaf) has created a custom designed roller skate rink. The usable installation keeps our gallery in motion throughout this autumn and we look forward to welcoming Eli Sudbrack for a conversation with Chloe Stead about participation, movement, avaf's engagement for the LGBTQ community and about collectivity.

7 - 7.45 pm | celebration speeches
in German
We look forward to looking back and also into the future of the work and role of Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, founded on 2 november 1999 in the former waiting room for the 1st and 2nd classes of Hamburg-Harburg station.
Speakers will be:
Senator Dr. Carsten Brosda (Behörde für Kultur und Medien of the city of Hamburg)
René Havekost (Co-founder of KVHBF in 1999)
Britta Peters (former artistic director)
Julia Sökeland & Dr. Lutz Hoffmann (KVHBF board)
7.45 pm | Performance William Joys: Jack on the Track
In his performances William Joys brings objects and architecture to life by personifying them and giving them a voice through his special costumes. For his performance on this evening, he takes the role of a train on a track, telling the crisis-prone story of Jack on the Track.

8 - 10 pm | DJ sets for roller skating:
DJ GRĀV JŌNZ (Paris) DJ  Booty Carrell (Hamburg)
free roller skates rental on site in sizes 30-48
Let's get on skates together, to the sounds of GRĀV JŌNZ (Paris), one part of assume vivid astro focus, and to a selection of rare historic titles of Anadolou Pop, played by DJ Booty Carrell!

10.30 pm | Performance Melissa E. Logan (Chicks on Speed): The Beat
The Beat is a sound performance and choreography on roller skates developed by Melissa E. Logan for this evening and for the exhibition space. The heartbeat of roller skater Jo Quirin will be live mixed by Melissa E. Logan to become a beat for a musical piece, together with musicians Heja Netirk (voice), Kast and Luca Solomon Sauerwein.

11pm | Concert One Mother, followed by a DJ Set by babyblue666
One Mother is a feminist music collective formed in Hamburg around the musicians Preach, Natasha P. and babyblue666. With their sounds marked by R’n’B, Rap and electronic music, they will heat up the space with their energy.