Shifting Speculations on future fiction and non-human companionship

September 15 at 4:00 PM — September 15, 2018 at 10:00 PM

Shifting speculations on future fiction and non-human companionship


4-10 pm

The suitability of technology for everyday use, the relationship between man and machine as well as shifts in social systems are explored in a feminist science fiction reading, a performance and a discussion forum.


 4 - 7 pm 
Workshop (in English)

Emma Haugh, Gitte Villesen

A reading and retelling workshop

Can our ideas and imagination of other social systems be broadened? In their workshop, which takes the form of a re-reading, both artists suggest feminist Sci-Fi as a useful tool to this end.

Gitte Villesen's and Emma Haugh's work focuses on cultural structures and social norms and boundaries.

In her videos, Gitte Villesen creates portraits of different individuals and communities, posing the question of whether society actually accepts forms of being different at all. 

Emma Haugh uses performance, installations and publications from a queer-feminist perspective in order to reorient attention in relation to cultural narratives.

Due to the restricted number of places, it is necessary to sign up the workshop.

Signing-up deadline: 10.09.2018

8 pm
Performance (in English and German)

Costa Compagnie


The Costa Compagnie's work »OK, GOOGLE« explores the human interaction with AI in terms of its suitability for everyday use. The performers examine this decisive global transformation process together with Google's language-based assistant, »Google Home«.

The Hamburg and Berlin-based Costa Compagnie from is an open collaboration based around a fixed nucleus. Its concept-oriented works combine documentary, performative and choreographic methods in a series of essayistic, multi-perspective narrative.


9 pm
Discussion (in Englisch)

Chloe Stead with the Costa Compagnie, Emma Haugh and Gitte Villesen

Shifting Speculations: Round Table

A discussion forum will follow Costa Compagnie's performance providing an opportunity to debate ideas, thoughts and questions pertaining to the status of human and artificial alliances, as well as re-tellings and speculation on the subject of a shared future.

The Berlin-based author and art critic, Chloe Stead will moderate the discussion. She is a contributor to Sleek, AnOther, Friezeand Spike Art Quarterly, among others.