Costa Compagnie

Friday, September 14, 2018

In a hybrid format between dance, performance and installation, five performers together with Google’s language based assistant „Google Home“ as an equal performer, are exploring one of the most important global transformation processes: the interaction of humans and artificial intelligence.

Within a world in transition to a data economy, the newly released „Google Home“ device, similar to science-fiction movies, allows for continuous conversation with Google’s servers. The language-based assistant can be assigned tasks permanently, while collecting behavioral data of its users from all spheres of life.

OK, GOOGLE designs a scenario of the near future. On the frontier of real and virtual reality, the performers seek an intensifying and confrontational dialogue with the artificial but present digital actor. In reference to the rituals of ancient theater, the artists question the coming coexistence with the most intelligent being of the future at the time of its creation. Utopian projections for the deconstruction of gender and body images emerge, as well as thought experiments on cyborgs and the imagination of loss of control in the post-human era. Can a truly empathetic moment arise between a human and artificial intelligence? How do our perceptions, emotions and our physicality change through a technoid everyday practice? And will the self-learning machine be the better human being of tomorrow?

The Hamburg and Berlin-based Costa Compagnie from is an open collaboration based around a fixed nucleus. Its concept-oriented works combine documentary, performative and choreographic methods in a series of essayistic, multi-perspective narrative.