Recordings from the ABYSSAL 2

November 14 — December 5, 2020

The ABYSSAL made itself at home on its threshold between real and digital space. And so the second round of the audio-program is launching, broadcasting a weekly rotating program from the Kunstverein Bar parallel into the exhibition space and in a live-stream via this website. Again, various artists will be invited, with written contributions, sounds and live-recordings.

Every Saturday from the 14.11. to the 5.12. the BAD BOY JESUS CITY SWIMMERS CLUB is going to resurface from the ABYSSAL - the depths of the ocean - to host the guests.


Rosanna Graf (Text)
Lucrecia Dalt (Sound)

Stefan Ivanov (Text)
Etkin Cekin (Sound)

Julia Metropolit und Julie Gufler (Text)
Plastiq (Sound)

Anna Grath (Text)
Phil Struck (Sound)


Mitko Mitkov (born in 1989, lives in Hamburg) is the founder of the BAD BOY JESUS CITY SWIMMERS CLUB. His artistic practise appropriates a number of different roles—caretaker service, curator, magazine editor, graphic designer, publisher, and founder of an association. Mostly collaborative within them he explores the fluidity of social spaces. Realism and longing, social criticism and everyday life, seriousness and the joy of coming together all go hand in hand here.