An LP record, produced by the Cologne-based label “Apparent Extent“, accompanies the exhibition. The record includes music in co-operation with Volker Zander and Tobias Levin and texts authored by Kasia Fudakowski as well as commissioned text and audio from Alexander Brenchley, Dorothy Feaver, Sam de Groot, Paul Haworth, William Kherbek, Helen Marten and Ayumi Rahn. The audio, split between an A and B side, refers to the darker, yet comic side of the Stoa, concentrating on the extremes to which the philosophy’s logic concludes. The sometimes shocking content is pulled through by the consistent presence of music. The LP is integrated into the exhibition, and a publication will be produced to accompany it, in co-operation with the Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst.

1. Tanning Salon, Part 1
2. A Tormented Saint
3. Tanning Salon, Part 2
4. Ears and Tongues
5. Tanning Salon, Part 3
1. Put Your Hands …
2. Just Small Food and a Sit Down, Part 1
3. The Brain is the Biggest Erogenous Zone
4. Tram
5. Just Small Food and a Sit Down, Part 2
6. Don’t Try This
7. Keep Your Hands Up
8. Mixed Salad
9. A Comforting Zoom
10. Just Small Food and a Sit Down, Part 3