Train of Thought

The record "Train of Thought" is part of the exhibition of the same title by Daniel Laufer - November 23, 2014 until February 08, 2015 at Kv.H.Bf. It complements the artist's associative, narrative work.

Side A of the record features an audio version of Daniel Laufers video installation. The music for "Train of Thought" is based on musical meditations composed and performed live by organist Markus Hinz (Düsseldorf) and cellist Volker Zander (Köln) at St. Antonius, Düsseldorf.


A1 Train of Thought 18:55

B1 Old Melody 0:36
B2 Banisters 3:37
B3 The Salon 3:38
B4 Window 4:32
B5 The Near At Hand 8:17