Jahresgaben are editions and unique works by young, promising as well as established artists who have been involved in the program of Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof. Members of the Kunstverein have the exclusive opportunity to acquire these artists’ editions at special conditions. By purchasing these artists’ editions, you support not only these young artists, but also the future of art production and the work of the Kunstverein. Please note that you must be a member to acquire one of these artists’ editions. For information about memberships and the membership form, please contact us.

Please address questions and orders to info@kvhbf.de.

Cake&Cash Curatorial Collective
Grind&Shine @Home

Cake&Cash Curatorial Collective
Grind&Shine @Home, 2021
Rhinestone on handmade cosmetic bag with content (questionnaire, anti-swelling eye pads, printed towel, lubricant gel, massage toy), embroidered cap, digital print on yoga mat.
3 unique sets + 1 AP, certificate
360 Euro

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