KVHBF Showcases

Grind&Shine Inc. by Cake&Cash presents
Eva Durovec
together with Selina Lampe

October 9 — November 21, 2021

What colors do power structures and their paths have in everyday life? Eva Ďurovec's work includes numerous delicate writings and drawings which reveal to be a type of mapping for personal working and living conditions. The various symbols are marked in color and thus appear as a concrete system that can be traced in a wealth of information. These symbolic accumulations of the work done every day, in turn, become objects on paper or wood, giving the collected material shape and form.

„I am focused and at the same time disoriented, tired to death but so powerful.“ – from notes to the first year of our existence, Eva Ďurovec, Selina Lampe, 2021

Since last year, Eva Ďurovec has been working together with Selina Lampe on a comprehensive documentation of their respective roles as mothers and artists, the care work they perform and the framework conditions of artistic work. The two use a leporello as a platform for dialogue, exchange and knowledge transfer. The leporello is displayed in one of the three showcases and is flipped open and positioned in various forms over the exhibition period. Eva began logging her thoughts in this way at the end of 2019, until she handed the diary over to Selina six months later, who then continued on the opposite page. The experiences of the two are recorded in detail. In their manual execution they act as an antithesis to the digital flood of information, which in its immateriality always remains unmanageable. notes from the first year of our existence shows a long series of work done, of learning and trying new things over the course of one and a half years; making them tangible and visible with an immediate transparency and honesty.

Eva Ďurovec's working method is not only documentary, it further develops its own form of resistance. It is about unraveling structures, about locating and orienting oneself within and beyond these structures, but also about culminating the strength to cope with everyday life. By documenting precedings, historical and social references are drawn. The aim is not to create an impression with volume, rather to create a space for needs, to share them and to show economic conditions, which in turn are exemplary for numerous other perspectives. Working conditions as an artist, as a mother, as a worker are entangled in their repetitions, whose continuity becomes clear in Ďurovec's sea of lines.

Selina Lampe's notes include drawings which, in their simultaneity, appear as multi-layered daydreams. A sculptor and filmmaker, she additionally jotted down ideas for future works. Der neue Mensch (The New Man) is built from economical materials, including plastic bottles as lungs and links made of clay. Selina lives in self-made construction wagons and participates in the occupation of the Altdorf forest, which is targeted against a planned gravel mining.

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