KVHBF Showcases

Dialogue 4:
See U Th3re
Priska Engelhardt & Marthe Fock

January 9 — January 24, 2021

Priska Engelhardt & Marthe Fock

Dialogue 4 in the series “See U Th3re - Dialogues Between Windows” is the first collaboration between Priska Engelhardt and Marthe Fock.
In five dialogical exhibitions since October 2020, two out of a total of ten artistic positions not only meet but also meet the respective characteristics of the exhibition locations. At the beginning there was an open call, which asked to question, challenge and rethink the showcases and the inscribed logic of representation and visibility in terms of feminism, care and friendship.

The collaboration between Priska Engelhardt and Marthe Fock focuses on "care" and uses a specific and ambivalent material for this: cool / hot packs. With their blue liquid packed in plastic, they do not exactly embody the epitome of what consolation, care and concern generally represent, and yet this function is outsourced to them. Just the expectation of the cool pack lets tears dry up. It makes the suffering and its care visible. The material is emotionally charged with supposedly maximum adaptability to different physical and psychological needs. They are transferred to the blue-filled plastic package that paradoxically embodies care and reproduces it as a fleeting distorted image. Its care function is continuously used up. Its multifunctional, supra-individual and abstracted care work is also realized in the slash.
Priska Engelhardt and Marthe Fock choose different shapes for their examination of the cool / hot packs in the KVHBF showcases and the showcase in the foyer of the HFBK - full and empty packs, photography, cool / hot packs turned into forms of large-scale body covering - opening up material and color as a space for reflection on care and its complex socio-functional entanglements between mutual provision and isolation.

Nothing Worthwhile is Done Alone: On Friendship and Feminist Organising*
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