Angela Anzi with Florian Bräunlich & Carolin Jüngst:
Resistance of Bodies / Persistence of Sound

March 14 — March 15, 2020

Exhibition and performance for three people with sound-making clay objects

Opening 13 March, 7 pm
Performance 7.30 pm

18 March, 7 pm
Performance 7.30 pm, from 8 pm on Pablo Schlumberger & Mitko Mitkov: Ciao a PUTTI, Buona Sera ABYSSAL

"Resistance of Bodies / Persistence of Sound" is a musical and choreographic becoming-familiar of the possibilities that emerge among the unusual sound bodies, human bodies, the spatial body, and the way these are all formed and processed. In the lead up to the first performance on March 13, Hamburg-based artists Angela Anzi (born 1981), Florian Bräunlich (born 1989) und Carolin Jüngst (born 1990) will have spent four weeks with Angela Anzi’s clay objects, testing the possibilities of collaboration between different (resonating) bodies at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof.

In "Resistance of Bodies / Persistence of Sound", direct interaction is created via breathing, with the sound and flute-like clay objects playing a key role. These are materials which are by no means limited to servile roles, being rather active parts of a joint interrogation. The instrument causes the human body to behave in a certain way, offering resistance or stimuli while in turn, the human body makes the instrument sound out in a certain way. The possibilities here are not infinite. The bodies are subject to certain limitations: the clay is fired, the object is rigid, a particular human body can set a particular amount of air in motion, and certain restrictions are in turn placed on that body’s movement. Nonetheless, they can disrupt patterns and familiar representations.

Via the performative interplay that arises, "Resistance of Bodies / Persistence of Sound" pushes attention toward audience perceptions. While the gaze is always limited to a certain perspective, environments are revealed to the ear in a non-linear, bodily way. How do the senses become entangled in this reception? How can the seen be disrupted by that which is simultaneously heard – and vice versa? How do the various bodies interact with each other?

Design Overalls: Merle Richter
Counseling Dramaturgy: Lea Martini
Counseling Music: Anne Wiemann

Video documentation here