Feminist Duration Reading Group
Nothing Worth Doing is Done Alone: On Friendship and Feminist Organising

January 14 at 8:00 PM — January 14, 2021 at 10:00 PM

On the occasion of their contribution to our series „See U Th3re“ the Feminist Duration Reading Group invites you to an online listening and discussion event which marks the launch of ‘Nothing Worth Doing is Done Alone,’ a podcast on friendship and feminist organising. Following an introduction by some of the organisers and contributors we will listen to the 30 minute recording, which creates a polyphonic account of friendship as a political practice through a chorus of voices and citations. We will then discuss the resonances of the podcast in the light of the current crisis of care, togetherness, and isolation, and in relation to legacies of feminist thought and collective action.

The event will take place online on Thursday, 14 January 2021, at 7 pm GMT / 8 pm CET and last for approximately 2 hours.

More information on the Feminist Duration Reading Group
Friendship operates as a key principal within the Feminist Duration Reading Group. Befriending earlier periods of feminist activity and feminisms outside the dominant canon, the group fosters a mood of intimate exchange where references and citations became shared resources.

Feminist Friendship
Women tend to take special care of their relationships with one another. Yet until the second wave feminist movement of the 1970s few accounts of friendship’s importance for women existed. Building on this revaluation of women’s affectionate bonds, this podcast explores friendship as a vital force in feminist organising, community-building, and practices of mutual care.

The podcast explores feminist understandings of friendship as a plural space of interaction through which women have found mediation between themselves and the public domain. It reflects on how bonds of friendship nurture acts of alliance, resistance, and reciprocity, in which participants both listen and feel heard, see and are seen.

Recorded at the end of year marked by Covid-19, during which many people have felt isolated and anxious, “Nothing worth doing is done alone” reconsiders the importance of sharing and holding space, collective thinking and reading. It also celebrates the sheer pleasure of being together.

Contributors include regular FDRG participants and collaborators as well as people who have hosted recent meetings within institutional and domestic settings. Also featured are excerpts from recordings of FDRG sessions at the South London Gallery and Hypatia Trust in Penzance.
Joan Anim-Addo, Olivia Berkowicz, Angelica Bollettinari, Rosie Cooper, Kezia Davies, Flora Dunster, Haley Ha, Taey Iohe, Alexandra Kokoli, Lucy Lopez, Laura Malacart, Kim McAleese, Gabby Moser, Sara Paiola, Helena Reckitt, Sasha Roseneil, Ehryn Torrell

Podcast Concept
Sabrina Fuller and Helena Reckitt

Editing and Composition
Sabrina Fuller

The FDRG is grateful to Delpha Hudson for her recording of “Feminist Readings” which she organised at Hypatia Trust in January 2019

The podcast’s name comes from “Everything Worthwhile is Done With Other People,” a 2019 interview with Mariame Kaba by Eve L Ewing, referenced in the contribution by Lucy Lopez

screenshot from Il femminismo a Milano: Femminismo e 150 ore, MeMoMI, edited by Lea Melandri, 2014

See U Th3re
“Nothing Worth Doing is Done Alone” was commissioned by Annette Hans, Marie Kuhn, and Anne Meerpohl as part of See U Th3re - Dialogue between Windows, a 2020-2021 collaboration between Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof and HFBK Hamburg (the Hamburg art school) on visibility, friendship, feminism, organisation and care.
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