Wo sind denn hier die Örtlichkeiten?

June 13 at 4:00 PM — June 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM

A scrutinizing tour of the public toilets in Harburg
with Patrick Will

In 2016, thanks to the lucky coincidence of a failed braking maneuver by an ICE train driver I discovered my first Superloo, then called Sanisette. On the high speed track
between Cologne and Frankfurt it sometimes happens that someone in the driver's cab forgets to brake at 300 km/h, races through Montabaur station and only comes to a halt in Limburg, 20 kilometers away.
The commuters traveling took it visibly calm. A modern steel and glass station in nowhere in Hesse: Uncut meadows, empty office buildings and in the center of it a matt shimmering stainless steel cylinder. A landed spaceship - with a coin slot. The curved doors opened automatically with a loud hiss and a heavenly melody in the background. A silly loop like from a peaceful first contact scene with aliens. Soon an overdriven but friendly female voice came into play: "Welcome to WCmatik 2000..." I was touched and enchanted. I called my parents, told them that they unfortunately had to pick me up 20 kilometers away and asked them to bring their big film camera with tripod. My discovery had to be recorded.

Stadtreinigung Hamburg has been building, operating and maintaining 130 public toilets since 2017. 6 different designs, including those Superloos, are located in the center of Hamburg-Harburg.

Relating to the current exhibition in the KVHBF showcases by Alexandra Grieß and Patrick Will "highway=footway; layer1", Patrick Will invites you to take a scrutinizing tour of these smallest places and to stroll through the urban space of Harburg.


Bahnhof Hamburg-Harburg
Platform 3+4 (elevator)
Hannoversche Straße 85, 21079 Hamburg

Approx. 2 1/2 hours (ca. 4 km)