January 20 at 3:00 PM — January 20, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Saturday, January 20, 2018, 3 – 8 pm
Track_8 Media Time

Pragmatisches Jugendzentrum, Kultur & Gespenster and the Textem Verlag invite you to enjoy five hours of media time today for once. 
There will be a trampoline, a talk, 8 flat screen TVs and hundreds of pages about why people are so slow and so sad, why we still sit on chairs and will never really travel through cyberspace.

Programme of events

3 pm
Buffet/free time at participants' disposal, instructional films on the subject of media time across 8 monitors

4.30 pm

Everything is just a game. Control and education through high point scores and multi-coloured pixels: the gamification of the everyday
, compulsory event

Talk by Paul Geissler

China intends to initialise digital control of its citizens by 2020. Everyday activities will be scored using a points system. Run a red light for example and points will be deducted from your tally. This is already being practised in a simplified form and there has already been a big take-up . . .
There are both more and less obvious examples of this in Europe as well . . .  for example, car insurance policies for which the car is "bugged" to monitor and reward safe driving using neat graphics making things seem more appealing and less insidious . . . The same holds for types of health insurance that reward you to stay fit through the use of Smartphone apps that calibrate and log your sporting activity, etc. etc.

A novel professional opening for the sports enthusiast could be the provision of the following service: mass transmission of activity data to respective insurance companies by filling a rucksack with other people's smartphones set to the "user is jogging" setting and then going for a run round the Alster everyday.

6 – 8 pm

Kultur & Gespenster celebrates its latest issue launch
Nº 19 "Medienzeit / Computerspiele" (Media Time / Computer Games) – on the wobbly tables of the old world