Mechanical Turks

December 2 at 2:00 PM — December 2, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Saturday, 2. December 2017, 2 – 6 PM
Track_7 Mechanical Turks

In view of the phenomenon of simulated interpersonal interaction, using algorithms with minds of their own or humans as resources who take over the work of bots, the distinction between natural and artificial intelligence has become something of a vexed issue: who is imitating whom and how do we engage with the seemingly authentic simulation of life?


2 pm
opening Jahresgaben #6

2:30 pm
I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza
Lecture Performance by SEBASTIAN SCHMIEG

"I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza" is a speculative presentation that explores digital labor, the amalgamation of humans and software, and the possibility of interventions inside algorithmic systems. While technology is often described as an extension of our bodies, the narrative explores a reversed relationship: digital workers as software extensions, bodies and minds that can be plugged in, rewired, and discarded as one sees fit.

Sebastian Schmieg (b. 1983 in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin) explores the networked technologies that influence online and offline realities. They range from the shredded hard drives from a Google data centre to crowdsourced versions of popular self-help books derived from Amazon/Kindle highlighters. His works have been shown at Transmedia in Berlin, at the Art Center Nabi in Seoul/South Korea, at the Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY/USA and at the Impakt Festival in Utrecht/Netherlands.

3:30 pm
‚Wir reden hier über die ‚Irreführung von Maschinen‘ – Zum Verhältnis von Algorithmen und Menschen in der Gig Economy

The history of the algorithm as a concept is closely linked with the history of work in its modern-day incarnation. In the wake of information technology's transformation of society, this connection has become increasingly entwined. In a different way to industrial labour, the algorithm not only organises human activities in the sphere of production nowadays, but it also fixes them in a series of dynamic and reciprocal relationships, which, on the one hand, do serve the purposes of observation, control and manipulation, but on the other represent a springboard for new forms of resistance.

Thorben Mämecke lives in Berlin. He lectures on the concept of the digital self and the participative development of technology. His primary research fields are subjectivisation and governmentality, as well as the sociology of media technologies. Selected publications include: "Benchmarking the self. Kompetetive Selbstvermessung im betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement", in Stefanie Duttweiler, Robert Gugutzer, Jan-Hendrik Passoth and Jörg Strübing, eds.," Leben nach Zahlen. Self-Tracking als Optimierungsprojekt?"; "'Ada – Countess of numbers'. Exhibition review: 'Am Anfang war Ada – Frauen in der Computergeschichte'". In Missy Magazin – Das feministische Magazin für Popkultur und Politik.

4:30 pm
Deep Blue Dream_induction
Presentation by DEEP BLUE (in english language)

Inspired by research into artificial intelligence conducted in San Francisco and Silicon Valley in 2015, Lauren Huret and Hunter Longe (in collaboration with Sol Archer and Dimitri Petrachenko) have updated and reprogrammed the chess playing computer Deep Blue—developed by IBM in the 1990's and made famous when it defeated then world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 97. In the form of a schizophrenic TED talk, Deep Blue will shed light on our confused understanding of intelligence, our enthusiastic, science-faithed relationship with machines, and how the technologies we encounter daily encroach on our privacy.

Lauren Huret (b. 1984, lives and works in Geneva) is interested in mysticism in the Information Age and complex human emotions. She works on on contemporary narratives that outwardly seem to be at home in science fiction and explores – through performances, collages, videos and artist's books – the way in which language and ideas unfold in our consciousness and turn into singular concepts of reality. Her artworks have been shown at Kunsthaus Langenthal, Kunstmuseum Luzern, at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, Le Consortium in Dijon, La Panacée in Montpellier and at the Neue Galerie in New York. Lauren Huret teaches at HEAD – Geneva.

Hunter Longe's (b. 1985 in the USA, lives in Rotterdam and Geneva) sculptures, drawings and installations explore concepts of communication through geological time and non-human material. By appropriating images, stories and apparatuses from the world of science, he provides a glimpse of certain feelings and intelligence that permeate the material universe. Participation in exhibitions at LambdaLambdaLambda in Pristina, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, W139, Amsterdam, the Galerie der HFBK, Hamburg, Swimming Pool Projects, Sofia, Peach, Rotterdam, and The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco. Hunter Longeis currently the artist in residence at the Achterhaus in Hamburg.

5:15 pm
Discussion & Dinner