Recordings from the ABYSSAL

May 16 — June 14, 2020

Opening and broadcasting hours: Wednesday—Sunday, 2—6 pm
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The ABYSSAL—whose name refers to the bottomless depths of the ocean—was supposed to begin its program of events and exhibitions on March 18, creating an open social space, a club headquarters for its diverse activities within the Kunstverein (which is a club itself).

Now that the Kunstverein is reopening its doors, the ABYSSAL is also opening—at the threshold between real and digital space to begin with. During the Kunstverein’s regular opening hours, the ABYSSAL will broadcast a weekly rotating audio program of artists’ contributions, sounds, and live recordings into the exhibition space and on the Kunstverein's website from their headquarters in the bar. The program revolves around the themes of proximity and distance, but also around the ABYSSAL’s spatial, temporal, real, and fictional locations.

The BAD BOY JESUS CITY SWIMMERS CLUB will also be officially present here every Saturday and may invite guests, too.
The first artistic contribution comes from the Bulgarian artist Sevda Semer (born in 1990, lives in Sofia), whose mural was supposed to be on display in the ABYSSAL already.


31 May - 5 June 2020
Nino Svireli
Clara Hetzel

On Saturday the artists Nino Svireli and Clara Hetzel will accompany the ABYSSAL.

Nino Svireli is a visual artist and studied at the HFBK Hamburg with Wigger Birma and Jutta Koether. She has been working at the Fondation d'Ur since 2016 and has been teaching as a university assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna since 2018.

Clara Hetzel is a fashion designer and co-founder of the label Thew Objects. She works as a multidisciplinary artist and is a loyal member of the Bad Boy Jesus City Swimmers Club.

31 May 2020

On Sunday Hamburg-based band Love-Songs will perform their current album "Nicht Nicht" in an intimate interplay with musical guests (Museum Of No Art, Cristov, Jonas Hinnerkort & Luka Lenzin) live on site. You can listen via the audio broadcast of the ABYSSAL.

With their current album Love-Songs continues to work on a music situated between improvisational moments and fixed grid. Since 2012, the electro-acoustic trio has been exploring the potential of their continously changing interaction and is now presenting their debut album "Nicht Nicht" on "Bureau B" after several EPs. Besides tribal bouncers, the current album contains the band's most ethereal tracks to date and attempts to play around with form: finding, losing, changing, overlaying.

23 - 29 May 2020
Tanita Olbrich
Marius Goldhorn
Jonas Hinnerkort

The two artists Tanita Olbrich and Marius Goldhorn transform a jointly produced short film into an audio track for the ABYSSAL. Jonas Hinnerkort joins the ABYSSAL live on site on Saturday 23 May.

Tanita Olbrich (*1990, lives in Berlin) studied with Angela Schanelec and Jeanne Faust at HFBK Hamburg as well as at San Francisco Art Institute. Her film "Kajsa Athena" premiered at Dokfest Kassel.

Marius Goldhorn (*1991, lives in Berlin) writes prose, essays and poems. This summer his novel "Park" will be published by Suhrkamp and his collection of poems "yin" by Korbinian Verlag.

Jonas Hinnerkort (*1990, lives in Hamburg) studied sculpture with Pia Stadtbäumer at HFBK and takes part in various musical projects.

16 - 22 May 2020
Sevda Semer

On Saturday, 16 May, Museum of No Art will accompany ABYSSAL's sounds and proceedings live and on site with clarinet improvisation

Mitko Mitkov (born in 1989, lives in Hamburg) is the founder of the BAD BOY JESUS CITY SWIMMERS CLUB. His artistic practise appropriates a number of different roles—caretaker service, curator, magazine editor, graphic designer, publisher, and founder of an association. Mostly collaborative within them he explores the fluidity of social spaces. Realism and longing, social criticism and everyday life, seriousness and the joy of coming together all go hand in hand here.