International Art

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"The internationalized art world relies on a unique language. Its purest articulation is found in the digital press release. This language has everything to do with English, but it is emphatically not English. It is largely an export of the Anglophone world and can thank the global dominance of English for its current reach. But what really matters for this language – what ultimately makes it a language – is the pointed distance from English that it has always cultivated."

With their thorough analysis of this international 'artspeak', known for example from the peer group defining mailing list eflux, Alix Rule and David Levine started a debate in 2012 on the language-based distinctions and exclusions of the art world, which are literally written into its grammatical structure. Intended to function as medium of communication and mediation, the press release following these rules becomes a tool for the self-assurance of a hermetic art scene, to distance itself from those without the education or merely time to decipher its codes.