January 12 — March 23, 2014

Annual editions (Jahresgaben) are special works created by young, promising artists. Usually, these artists have been involved in the Kunstverein’s programme – for example, in the form an exhibition. Members of the Kunstverein have the exclusive opportunity to acquire these artists’ editions at prices far below their actual market value. By purchasing these artists’ editions, members support not only these young artists, but also the future of art production and the work of the Kunstverein. Because the Kunstverein is a member-based, non-commercial institution, these artists’ editions are an essential part of our annual budget. 

These editions can be viewed by members by appointment. They can be reserved or ordered by email or mail, or they can be bought directly at the Kunstverein. Reservations and orders are processed in the order they are received. Please note that you must be a member to acquire one of these artists’ editions. To become a member, please fill in the membership application under membership and send it to us. Works that have not been signed by the artist are delivered with a certificate. We recommend picking up the editions to avoid the cost of delivery, which can vary depending on the shipping method. 

The seperate Jahresgaben are available at our shop and can be reserved via email: info@kvhbf.de.