The empty set

July 1 — August 21, 2011

Movement and regard – the silent images of acceleration circulate through the standstill. With “The Empty Set” four artists from Hamburg – Rena Donsbach, Anna Lena Grau, Vanessa Nica Mueller and Sonja Vohland – present a spatial situation between movement, regard and mise en scène.
Like two empty frames, the large glass windows of the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof prop open the exhibition space: void becoming in-between space, in-between space becoming stage. Illuminated by a spotlight, scattered dust marks the scene while the actor remains in the dark. Different light situations evoke a simulation between High Noon and Midnight. Perceived from the inside out, the windows function like transparent filters melting parts of the surrounding area with the set.
Rena Donsbach, Anna Lena Grau, Vanessa Nica Mueller and Sonja Vohland studied at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg (HfBK). All four artists are members of the artist network “Von dritten Räumen” (“About third spaces”) which organized an exhibition of the same title at the Kunsthaus Hamburg in March 2010.

The network consists of seven female artists, cultural studies scholars, filmmakers and set designers who collaborate in various constellations due to their shared interest in notions of space and the different ways in which space can be perceived. Inspired by strategies of their various disciplines the group opens up a field that creates situations of multilayered spatial perception and connotations. Starting with collectively posed questions, they particularly explore the latent diversity along the line of the margins of perception.
In this process, the group constantly extends and recombines the boundaries of disciplines and genres.