January 12 — March 23, 2014

In his project "Hyperspace“, the Dutch artist Melvin Moti approaches the idea of multi-dimensional and reduced spaces. His 24-minute-long 35mm film "The eightfold dot" (2013) presents an abstract narrative that begins with the point, continues with the line then progresses to the square and the cube, all the way to the hypercube, which acts as form and symbol of the fourth dimension. The film revolves around crystals and their geometric structures, which are repeated ad infinitum. In the accompanying publication MU, Moti addresses the geometric, transcendental and social implications of multiplied and reduced dimensions.


CHLOE STEAD, Multiplicity #3 – a reader

Accompanying this exhibition, the third and last issue of the Multiplicity reader project, „Multiplicity # 3 - A Reader“, will be issued by the British artist Chloe Stead, who lives in Hamburg. In the spring of 2013, Chloe Stead began taking part in all exhibition preparations and processes in the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof. Based on her experiences, she created readers for the following three projects: move – align – avoid. "On the Swarm as Principle & Phenomenon", "Yael Davids – A Line: Working, Weaving" and now "Melvin Moti: Hyperspace". The readers complement institutionalized text formats used in the art world, like press releases and visitor information, allowing room for an artistically subjective, but also varied, interpretation of the exhibitions. 

Images: Michael Pfisterer