Series:Order says – Love

June 1 — August 19, 2007

»his story is history –
my story is mystery –
our story is company«
(Honey-Suckle Company)

Those who speak about love almost always tell stories. Our media-dominated environment is so full of them that this creates difficulties for anyone who wants to talk about it. Who can talk about his or her own experience of longings, feelings and memories without relating them in some way to these ubiquitous and incredibly powerful pre-existing images of »love«? Especially when love is seen as a liberating counter-model to the limitations, demands, and functionalizing and economicizing tendencies of everyday life and the world of work. It is often painful not to have suitably exclusive images for this most exclusive of feelings.

»Anyone who longs for light is not without light. For the longing itself is light!« wrote the German writer Bettina von Arnim. The exhibition by Honey-Suckle Company will provide an appropriate space for the immateriality of the viewer’s subjective feelings. As a community itself, the HSC tries to return to a formulation of love as something deeply pleasurable and unconquerable. And yet – the images are there without being present – so, despite all subtraction, this space becomes a space of impossibility and this aesthetic experience becomes reflexively thematic.

Honeysuckle is a flower essence in Bach Flower Therapy which enables people to deal with the past with an eye to the future, so as to create a new situation in the present. Since 1995 the Honey-Suckle Company has been made up of the Berlin artists Petr S. Kisur, Nico Ihlein, Zille Homma Hamid, Ninja Pleasure, Simone Gilges and Friedrich M. Lloch. Since 1999 they have been working with the musician Konrad Sprenger.