Moments of Transition: Love

July 14 at 2:00 PM — July 14, 2018 at 7:00 PM


Moments of Transition: Love
Attempting approaches to a future between fluid alliances and unconditional dedication.

Saturday, 14th July 2018, 2 – 7 PM


2 – 7 PM
The lust of common dedication, or: Lilith, let the apple fall!
Performance, bar 
"We invite you to get into our bed and listen to the words which are yours. Give us your text, we give you love."

The video of the performance can be found here.

2.30 PM 
Ask Before You Bite
Lecture (in English) 
Every relationship is a simulation: a fantasy space created by two or more people that is based—hopefully—on care and consent. Live-action roleplay, or larp, foregrounds the simulation in order to allow wild relational experimentation. This talk will consider what it means to pretend coercion but enact consent, beginning with the story of a vampire larp. In this game, a vampire bite starts to look a lot like true love.
Elvia Wilk is a writer and editor living in New York and Berlin. 

The video of the lecture can be found here.

4 – 7 PM
Recruitment, in English and German
Introduction and workshop-performance with Adrian Wilfert Jensen and Simon Asencio, Army of Love (artists and choreographer)
Giving or receiving love is not the same for everybody and also not accessible for everyone in the same way. Is love a fundamental right for everybody? Should society grant this right? Army of Love is a group of activists which has been created to offer all-encompassing sensual love—care, desire, sex, and respect—to all who need it, whether their bodies conform or not to the orthodox canons of desire, beauty, and physical and mental functioning.
In their recruitment Army of Love introduces itself and its premises and offers (voluntary) participation in exercises, to expand the skills of mutual love.

The video of the recruitment can be found here.